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There is no such thing as worldly security

  • Rachel Macdonald
  • 10 December 2018

The Lord is equally in control in both the times when he provides many material comforts and those when he tells us to make do.

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Your gut is wrong

  • Mike Leite
  • 5 December 2018

When we teach on some passages, such as God’s good design for human sexuality and the role of men and women, our initial gut reaction is often anything but positive.

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Why it’s dangerous to have a New Testament God

  • Ruth Baker
  • 3 December 2018

Some Christians may think, since there is only one God, that he was angry and vengeful in the Old Testament but loving and compassionate in the New.

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Choosing helpful Christmas traditions

  • Mike Allen
  • 28 November 2018

I think we need to acknowledge that some Christmas traditions are just genuinely unhelpful. But what about less overt customs?

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Little Bobby’s perfect day: Promoting creative team ministry

  • Braden Marsden
  • 26 November 2018

When you become complacent in your ministry and do the same programs and activities “because that’s what we have always done”, then your ministry will fail to cater to changes in culture.

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The follow-up course

  • Dave Jensen
  • 21 November 2018

Once your evangelistic course is over, what happens next?

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Where is God when our loved ones suffer?

  • Benjamin Swift
  • 19 November 2018

As we naturally come to deeply love the people and things of this life, losing them sometimes causes us more spiritual doubt than the threat of our own deaths.

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When your sermon needs Greg

  • Tim MacBride
  • 14 November 2018

If you’re a preacher who has ever tried to do something different in order to captivate a congregation with the truth of Scripture... at some point, you’ve fallen into the error of allowing your sermon to serve a creative idea, rather than the other way around.

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Mother-to-mother gospel opportunities

  • Emily Cobb
  • 12 November 2018

As a Christian, it is easy to feel confused about how to speak into this post-Christian culture: do we share our beliefs about gender, marriage and sexuality with these mothers, or do we stay silent?

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Leading a quiet growth group

  • Richard Sweatman
  • 7 November 2018

Our confidence is tested to the limit as questions are met with seemingly unending silence. “Will anyone ever speak? Are my questions that bad?” Or we answer our own questions like a solo performer in a surreal theological drama.

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