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And the Word—not me—was God

  • Benjamin Swift
  • 22 August 2018

How can a person within a church community hold beliefs that lie far from the truth revealed in God’s word?

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The value of training women for ministry

  • Lauren Driscoll
  • 20 August 2018

Paying women in ministry frees them up for theological training and then working on leadership teams with men. It expresses the richness that you can have in complementarianism.

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Expecting to repent

  • James Chen
  • 15 August 2018

Are you surprised by your own sin?

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Passing it on

  • David Mears
  • 13 August 2018

In our instruction of our children we need to make sure, even as we convey knowledge, that the deep and intensely personal aspects of our faith are communicated too.

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Practical repentance

  • Elspeth Pitt
  • 8 August 2018

How would you describe what repentance looks like in the life of a Christian? Do you ramble on about church attendance, Bible and prayer, or do you reel off a list of dos and don’ts?

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Reading into discipleship: Relying on those ahead of us

  • Laura Denny
  • 6 August 2018

Taking the initiative and asking a fellow Christian who is further along in their walk to read with us can provide accountability, increased understanding, and growth in ways that reading and learning alone wouldn’t.

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Reassurance on assurance for tender-hearted souls

  • Timothy Raymond
  • 1 August 2018

Bible-believing Christians have always recognized the category of the tender-hearted soul. This is the true believer who is nonetheless overly anxious, almost obsessive, about their spiritual state.

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Am I reading this right?

  • Peter Baker
  • 30 July 2018

What happens when I’m not sure I’ve read the Bible correctly? What happens when the person next to me is sure that I haven’t read it correctly? How can I know I’m right?

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How to preach to the occasion

  • David Martin
  • 25 July 2018

How do you preach at a wedding? How do you give a funeral message? How do you prepare a graduation or ordination address?

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Why the Catholic Church is anti-Catholic

  • Mark Gilbert
  • 23 July 2018

The Roman Catholic Church considers itself to be the centre of, not just Christian unity, but world unity. That after all is what the word Catholic means: according to the whole. Yet many things the Catholic Church does result in great division.

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