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✔  Unlimited access to our full library of ministry resources valued at over $1800 (here is the full list of downloadable resources).

✔  A licence to download and use any of these resources (printing out or sharing digitally) in any group you are personally part of (see Q1 below), while your membership is current.

✔  A 15% discount on the purchase of physical copies of resources that are on GoThereFor resources (phone and email orders only).

✔  The joy of helping Christians around the world get much-needed ministry resources at a price they can afford. (Every full-priced membership helps us offer heavily discounted memberships to Christians in the developing world.)


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How much does it cost?

$9.95 per month
(minimum three months)

Note: if you’re doing ministry in a university/college context or in the developing world, you may be eligible for a 50% discount. Please contact us to work out how this discount will work.



Who can I use the resources with?

A member has the right to download and use any of the GoThereFor resources in groups they are personally part of—such as a regular Bible study group, prayer triplet, or one-to-one meeting at church; or an occasional seminar or training event you lead; or a Bible study at work that you’re part of. This means that if you’re a pastor (for example), you can use the resources in any context that you’re personally leading or present at, but you can’t distribute the resources to Bible study groups or other groups that you don’t attend.

This licence to use the resources is only valid for as long as your membership is current. If your membership lapses, you can’t legally use any of the resources you’ve already downloaded. 

How can I share the resources with groups I don’t attend?

encourage the leaders of those groups to become members. This not only gives them access to the full range of GoThereFor resources to use and distribute in their group (including personal daily Bible reading notes), but also means that we’ll keep in touch with them regularly to provide ideas and tips on group leadership, on using the resources, info about new resources, and so on.


GoThereFor membership: $9.95 per month