Talk through tough issues, help build up your youth group leaders, and study the bible in a short time-frame.

Little Black Books

A series of books that get straight to the point on the topics that Christians always have questions about. Not too big, not too fancy, and not at all boring, they're ideal for young Christians.

No Guts No Glory

This wise, practical and biblical book of advice about how to lead a Christian youth group can also serve as an effective training course for a team of leaders.

Pathway Bible Guides

Our Pathway Bible Guides are ideal for senior high school student groups. The studies are shorter than our IBS series, and use an uncomplicated vocabulary. Yet at the same time they are also studies that do justice to the passages being studied and model good Bible-reading principles.

The questions and answers assume a small group context, but can be easily adapted to suit different situations, such as individual study and one-to-one.

Short Steps for Long Gains—Youth edition

Twenty-six short Bible studies (starting with A for Assurance and finishing with Z for Zeal), with a quote from a Bible verse, and seven questions to spark discussion. It's the kind of thing you could do once a week over coffee, as a family, or together in a youth Bible study group.