Just for Starters

  • 12 September 2013

Just for Starters is widely known and used all over the world as the material to do with new and young Christians. It was first developed as follow-up material for the Billy Graham Crusade of 1979, and was used as the follow-up material in Australia for the Global Mission with Billy Graham at the beginning of 1995.

Now in its fourth edition, Just for Starters, (or 'the seven Basic Bible Studies' as it is sometimes known) looks at what the Bible teaches on seven fundamental topics: Saved by God, Trusting in God, Living God's way, Listening to God, Talking to God, Meeting with God's family, Meeting the world.

This edition uses the 2011 New International Translation and has a new cover and internal design.

A faithful translation into Simplified Chinese is available to use as needed alongside or instead of the English.

A self-training course, to help you prepare and use Just for Starters, with a new Christian, is also available: Preparing Just for Starters.

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Key benefits:

  • Can be done by an individual at their own pace. 
  • Includes the full text of the Just for Starters studies. 
  • The ten short talks by Tony Payne provide valuable insights into each of the passages studied and helpful training in the goals and aims of each study. This makes it ideal not only for those who are new to Just for Starters, but also as revision for those who have used the studies before. 
  • By the end of Preparing Just for Starters you are ready to meet one-to-one to follow-up a new Christian. 

If you are new to personal follow-up we recommend you also complete Six Steps to Encouragement, a six-week training course in personal ministry and encouragement.