Short Steps for Long Gains—Family edition

  • 12 September 2013

Short Steps for Long Gains: Family Edition has 26 short Bible studies (starting with A for Alive and finishing with Z for Zeal), with a quote from a Bible verse, and seven questions to spark discussion. It's the kind of thing you could do once a week over a meal, as well as being eminently suited for youth ministry and Sunday school.

Each study is brief, and by no means covers everything you could say on the topic. But sometimes, short steps, even for little feet, are the best way to make long gains.


When the evangelist DL Moody came home from a mission one night, he reported “two full converts and two halves”. When asked if this meant two adults and two children, he replied, “No, two with their whole life ahead of them and two with their life half over”.

This little book has 26 biblical topics for helping children know and follow Jesus Christ. You might like to try them in a class or a car, or at mealtime or bedtime. There is a topic given, then a short memory text, but the questions need answers from the whole Bible so you may find extra ideas from the verses in brackets after each question (NB: these are to help parents to guide discussion arising from the questions; you may like to look them up in advance).

May children, treasured by Christ, be helped in walking the path of eternal life, and serve him with a full life.

— Simon and Kathy Manchester