Short Steps for Long Gains—Youth edition

  • Virginia Grice
  • 12 September 2013

Short Steps for Long Gains: Youth Edition has 26 short Bible studies (starting with A for Assurance and finishing with Z for Zeal), with a quote from a Bible verse, and seven questions to spark discussion. It's the kind of thing you could do once a week over coffee, as a family, or together in a youth Bible study group. Each study is brief, and by no means covers everything you could say on the topic. But sometimes, short steps, even for little feet, are the best way to make long gains.


This booklet is a discipleship resource specifically for young adults. It contains 26 self-contained studies for use either as a family or in a youth Bible study group.

The short, conversational style of this booklet is designed to avoid the natural reluctance of young adults to formalize their thoughts in writing, and rather encourage their love of talking about their own lives and views on faith matters.

Each study begins with a key verse from which the questions flow. Parents and leaders are encouraged to have access to a Bible, as additional verses are sometimes included that expand or enrich the discussion topic.

This booklet was originally written for the youth group at St Augustine’s Anglican Church in Inverell, where my husband, Peter, and I have attended with our five children since 2002 due to Peter’s role as minister. I wish to thank my own family and the youth within our church family for their enthusiasm and support.

I also want to thank Simon Manchester, whose original ideas and formatting I have heavily drawn upon with his generous permission.

May those who use this booklet to look deeper into Christianity come to a personal faith in Jesus Christ that sustains them through their teenage years and lasts for eternity.

— Virginia Grice