Right Side Up

  • Paul Grimmond
  • 4 November 2013
"I set out to write a book for new Christians, to explain what it means to be a Christian and what the lifelong adventure of following Jesus is like. But I soon realized that what Jesus wants to say to a new Christian is really the same thing he wants to keep saying to the seasoned saint: "Whoever loses his life for my sake will find it". My prayer is that this book will persuade you of the truth of those words, and help you live like you believe them. It's a book for the brand new Christian that should challenge every believer—whether you've been following Jesus for five minutes or fifty years."
—Author, Paul Grimmond 

A stirring book for new and established Christians about what it means (and what it's like) to live the Christian life ... to live 'right side up'.

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  1. Life upside down
  2. What does Jesus really want from you?
  3. Is it worth it?
  4. The best offer ever
  5. Right side up in an upside-down world
  6. Why right side up is right side up
  7. God’s gifts for living right side up (I): the Spirit and the Bible
  8. God’s gifts for living right side up (II): the church and prayer
  9. Wisdom for life right side up
  10. Life right side up
  11. Appendix 1: Can we trust the Bible?
  12. Appendix 2: A short summary of the Bible’s story
  13. Appendix 3: Daily Bible reading notes

About the author

Before joining Matthias Media in 2008, Paul Grimmond was Anglican Chaplain to the University of NSW, and the senior pastor of Unichurch. Paul is a gifted and well-known Bible teacher, and lives with his wife, Cathy, and their three children in Sydney’s east.