One Flesh: a practical guide to honeymoon sex and beyond (ebook: .epub or Kindle .mobi files)

  • 17 February 2015
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Amelia and Greg Clarke have written this friendly, enjoyable and highly informative introduction to sex in marriage. In straightforward fashion, they explain the Bible's teaching on sex, the practicalities of starting a sexual relationship, and the kinds of problems which emerge commonly for couples. They also consider the consequences of sexual sin for a married couple.

This is a book for anyone who is getting married, or has been married for a while and is trying to keep the embers glowing.

Amelia Clarke is a doctor specializing in sexual health, and Greg Clarke is a former writer and editor at Matthias Media who now works at the Centre for Public Christianity.

Chapter headings:

» Dear Reader
» Great expectations
Part I: Understanding sex from a Christian perspective
1. Sex in God's good creation
2. How high is your view of sex?
3. Serving and being served
4. Sex in God's fallen creation
Part II: The basics
5. Actually, what is sex?
6. The four stages of sexual arousal
Part III: Starting out
7. Sex before marriage
8. Having a good honeymoon
9. The first year
10. Understanding the differences between men and women
Part IV: Early hiccups
11. Common problems
12. Things that really do happen to Christian couples
13. Be prepared
A final word
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