Proclaiming the Risen Lord (Luke 24 - Acts 2)

  • Peter Bolt
  • 16 October 2009

Jesus is risen from the dead! This claim is at the heart of what Christians believe, and those who believe it would also stake their lives on the fact that it is true. But what reason and confidence do we have for telling others about it?

In this set of six studies, Peter Bolt invites us to trace the theme of 'proclamation' through the gospel of Luke and the book of Acts. Jesus is clearly seen to be both the content and the reason for what Christians say to the world. He is the original proclaimer of his resurrection, and he gives us confidence to do the same.

These 6 studies are suitable for small groups or individuals, and are ideal material for use in the period after Easter.

Table of contents:

  • Study 1: The Proclaimer and his proclamation
  • Study 2: Proclamation in God’s plan
  • Study 3: The message proclaimed
  • Study 4: Responding to the proclamation
  • Study 5: Blessings from the proclamation
  • Study 6: Progress of the proclamation