Vine Journal: Issue 3

  • 13 May 2016

Vine Journal 3

You can download a free pdf of Vine Journal 3 or purchase a beautifully produced print version at a discounted price.

Table of contents

(April 2016)

Which comes first? (Tony Payne)

God has a name, and he’s given it to Jesus (Scott Newling)

Know your own mind (Peter Bolt)

Knowing Jesus Christ gives us a new understanding of our minds, our bodies and our selves

The eternal value of work (Michael Leite)

Does secular work participate in building God’s kingdom?

What is a disciple? (Colin Marshall and Tony Payne)

We all want to be one, and to see more of them, but what are ‘disciples’ exactly?

The shifting front-line (Kel Richards)

Where is the battle really being fought these days, and are we arming our troops for the fight?

Anyone who follows me must lay down his rights (Samuel Freney)

Do we have the right to stop talking about rights?

Freedom in a gender-confused world (Candice Bergamin)

How should Christians respond to the increasing deconstruction of ‘male’ and ‘female’?