Vine Journal: Issue 2

  • 13 May 2016

Vine Journal 2

You can download a free pdf of Vine Journal 2 or purchase a beautifully produced print version at a discounted price.

Table of contents

(December 2015)

Cross or glory (Tony Payne)

Agreeing to never disagree (Mike Allen)

The theology of the cross for today (Mark Thompson)

Martin Luther’s radical insight never gets old

The cross and Christian ministry in the New Testament (Phillip Colgan)

How the cross determines not only our message but the whole shape of ministry

Review Essay: One for many (Mike Allen)

Is there a gap in Stott’s classic The Cross of Christ?

From King’s College to Kingsford (Ed Loane)

Charles Simeon’s enduring influence on Australian university ministry

Defining and defending marriage (Sandy Grant)

We need to understand what marriage is in order to defend it against redefinition

Clear and good (Danny Rurlander)

Why the notoriously difficult 1 Corinthians 11 is worth celebrating