Vine Journal: Issue 1

  • 13 May 2016

Vine Journal 1

You can download a free pdf of Vine Journal 1 or purchase a beautifully produced print version at a discounted price.

Table of contents

(August 2015)

Welcome to Vine Journal (Tony Payne)

In praise of circles (Samuel Freney)

Is every disciple a disciple-maker? (Colin Marshall and Guan Un)

What Peter’s first letter teaches us about the Christian life

What is the gospel? (Mark Thompson)

In the face of current alternatives, can we be clear about our message?

Exposing the darkness (Samuel Freney)

How the Christian life brings the hidden to light

The troubled conscience (Tony Payne)

What does the Bible say about those pangs of conscience we all feel?

Reproductive Bible reading (Peter Blowes)

How to help our friends listen to the voice of God for themselves

Making meetings effective (Craig Schafer)

Ministry means meetings (so it seems). Can we do them better?