Vine Journal: Issue 4

  • 1 August 2016

Vine Journal 4

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Table of contents

(August 2016)

Delighting in difference (Mike Allen)

Broken bad (Claire Smith)

Building with words (Tony Payne)

What does it mean for Christians to build one another up with our words?

Learning to speak Christian in an online world (Lionel Windsor)

The paradoxes of social media can make speaking Christianly online quite a challenge. What’s the way forward?

The authorship of God and bridging the hermeneutical gap (Chris Green)

What does God’s authorship look like? And what does this mean for how we read God’s word?

How to preach to normal people (Timothy Raymond)

How to preach quality expositional sermons to everyday churches.

Easter: It really happened! But so what? (Mike Leite)

Christ has risen! But what does that have to do with us?

How to be moral without being a moralist: the Gospels and Christian living (Peter Bolt)

Be moral, but never ever be a moralist.

Towards evangelical aesthetics (Guan Un)

What is the place of art in Christian thought?