The Vine Project Workshop

  • Tony Payne
  • 18 January 2018

The Vine Project is a book—it has paper and print and can be read from cover to cover.

But it's actually much more than a book. It's a roadmap for adjusting the culture of your church toward making disciples. In other words, it's not a book to be simply read, but a process for a leadership team to undertake in order to plan and implement change over many months.

In early 2017, Tony Payne and Marty Sweeney ran a series of workshops across the USA for church leaders who were considering, or had already embarked upon, The Vine Project journey. And the last of these workshops was captured on video.

So now any church leadership team can get a head start on that same journey by participating in a one-day workshop together using this workbook and the four video sessions containing a total of around 4 and a half hours of valuable content and guidance.

Tony and Marty will provide you with an overview of the main principles, guide you through the key steps, offer insights and ideas for solving common issues, and illustrate with a concrete example from real-life experience of one of the churches that has been implementing change for over five years. They'll also get your team started on the process of evaluating and innovating.

It's a highly recommended first step on the path to a new disciple-making culture.