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Helping poor readers in home groups

  • Ian Carmichael
  • 31 October 2018

I’m talking about people who don’t struggle at all with the English language; people who might have postgraduate degrees in law or English; even people who might work with words professionally every day. So why do they need help?

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The simple way to teach with puppets

  • Martin Olmos
  • 29 October 2018

Puppets give you power: power to engage and hold children’s attention, even in a crowd; power to create a ‘proxy child’ with whom the audience can identify; power to create a regular structure that children can master and within which they can learn.

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Revitalize your quiet times with Psalm 119

  • Cassie Watson
  • 24 October 2018

You won’t walk away with a handy ten tips to improve your Bible reading. Instead, Psalm 119 will help you to see why daily time in Scripture is so important.

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Overcoming sin: The risk of having good habits

  • Gordon Cheng
  • 22 October 2018

Ask yourself this important question when you hear good advice about building better habits: has the person, article, book, conference or good idea pointed me to Christ?

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How to run an effective evangelistic course

  • Dave Jensen
  • 17 October 2018

So you want to reach the lost with the gospel? Fantastic! Evangelistic courses are an effective method of doing so—particularly in a post-Christian culture. The following are small but crucial steps you can take to ensure you maximize the effectiveness of your evangelistic course.

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What to do when life is out of control

  • Ruth Baker
  • 15 October 2018

The psalmist describes a time when he called to God “My foot is slipping!”—a sick fear and anxiety constricting his throat and churning his insides. And what steadies him? God’s unfailing love.

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The pastor in your background

  • Rachel Macdonald
  • 10 October 2018

Who’s had the most influence on your Christian development?

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Reading into discipleship: Read a bad book

  • Laura Denny
  • 8 October 2018

A friend recommended that I read a book that I knew I would disagree with. Despite the difficulties, the more I considered the idea the more I saw value in its challenge.

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The benefits of having a Timothy

  • Braden Marsden
  • 3 October 2018

Your Timothy is your second-in-command, your adviser and your protégé—just as Timothy was to Paul. How then has this worked in my ministry? How can you actually get started with your Timothy?

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The goodness of Christian hope

  • Kirsten McKinlay
  • 1 October 2018

Do your friends know the goodness of the Christian hope? Do you?

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