What is GoThereFor.com?

GoThereFor.com is an online library where gospel-minded Christians can find resources, ideas and encouragement for fulfilling Christ’s commission to make disciples of all peoples.

The team behind GoThereFor.com longs to see the fruit of the great commission in our lives and churches; we want to see Christ’s disciples growing in godliness and maturity so that they go out with urgent love to the communities and peoples around them to make new disciples and to teach them to obey all that Christ has commanded (see our full Ministry Manifesto).

GoThereFor.com has two main sections:

  • Ideas: a regular stream of posts, essays, interviews, video and other content, including the online Briefing archive (free for anyone to browse).
  • Resources: easy unlimited access to a huge range of disciple-making resources. Most of these are available for download (for paid members); some are only available for purchase (via our partner organization, Matthias Media).

6 reasons to become a paid member

At the heart of GoThereFor.com is a constantly growing online library of digital ministry resources that members can download, print, copy, email and generally make the most of within their own ministries. Here’s how it works, and why you should consider signing up.

1. A huge range

For a modest membership fee, you get unlimited access to a massive range of disciple-making resources to use in any group you are personally a part of: small group Bible studies, video-based group programs, one-to-one Bible studies, ministry training courses, daily Bible reading guides, ebooks to read and share, Sunday School curriculum, youth resources, preaching resources, and more. (Go to the Resources Library home page to check out the current range.)

2. Unlimited use

You can download, stream, copy, print, email and generally distribute and use any of these resources for the ministry you're doing, as much and as often as you like. For example, you could choose and download Bible studies from the extensive range available, and then distribute the studies around to the people in your Bible study group or Sunday School class or work-based evangelistic group (via email or in hard copy). (For more details on your rights to use the resources, and how you can help other people in your church use them as well, see the ‘common questions’ at the bottom of our Sign up page.)

3. Flexible and adaptable

The resources are available in a number of formats—you can view and use resources direct from GoThereFor.com, or you can download files to use and distribute locally. These downloadable files are available in various sizes of PDFs, depending on whether you want to print them out or view them on a tablet or computer. For most resources, there are also Microsoft Word files. We’re providing Word files because we want to give you maximum flexibility in how you use the resources. You’re free to reformat the text into a form that works best for you (e.g. printing out in a booklet). You can add your own logo or graphics. You can even adapt the content for your own local needs—such as adding or subtracting application questions for your local context, or using the studies in a different order or over a different length of time, and so on. (There are some reasonable restrictions on how much you can change—for example, you can’t alter the actual theology of the material. For the full terms and conditions, see our conditions and policies.) 

4. Discounted physical editions

Digital distribution offers exciting possibilities—but sometimes a physical copy of a resource is still easier (such as a booklet or a DVD). Members of GoThereFor.com have an advantage here as well—if you’re a member, you get discounts on the physical editions of Matthias Media digital resources that are in the library. (Some restrictions apply to this feature: see the full terms and conditions for details.)

Members of GoThereFor.com will also get exclusive access to special offers throughout the year.

5. Very affordable

GoThereFor.com represents a new model for delivering high-quality ministry resources to where they are needed—on the ground, in local churches and student groups and small Bible study groups all over the world. It’s basically a partnership. On your side, you pay us a modest membership fee each year (or each month) so we can cover our costs and maintain and grow the online library; you can pray for the many ministries who are part of GoThereFor.com.

For our part, we’ll keep working to provide you with ideas and stimulation for ministry, as well as easy unlimited access to the world’s best library of evangelical ministry resources. The more people who join GoThereFor.com, the more we can do to improve it—for example, in providing foreign language versions of as many of the resources as possible.

See our plans and pricing page for all the details. We hope you agree that it represents phenomenal value for money.

6. Resources you can trust

GoThereFor.com is a project of Matthias Media, an international evangelical publishing ministry based in Sydney, Australia. (For more information about Matthias Media, our history, our people, and our mission, go here.) Naturally enough, this means that many of the resources on GoThereFor.com are the Matthias Media resources that have become so well-known, used and trusted around the world over the past 25 years.

However, one of the exciting benefits of this new platform is the opportunity it provides for us to link up with other evangelical ministries and organizations to feature their resources as well—such as the new edition of the Introducing God evangelistic course, by Dominic Steele and the team at Christians in the Media, or the preaching workshops from the Charles Simeon Trust. We’re looking forward to gathering as many excellent resources as we can at GoThereFor.com from churches and ministry organizations around the world.

We guarantee that everything on our site is high quality, biblically faithful, and useful for disciple-making ministry. We want GoThereFor.com to become the world’s most trusted and useful online home for disciple-making ideas and resources.

Plans and pricing

Go here for all the details about the membership options available, and how to become a member.

Ministry manifesto

To comprehensively explain the mission and vision of this platform, we’ve written it down.

Conditions and policies

For the ‘Ten Commandments’ that make up the GoThereFor conditions of use, and all our other policies, head over to ‘Conditions and policies’. 

Our Board of Directors

The directors sitting on the board for St Matthias Press are Rev Sandy Grant (Chair), Mr Jonathan Marquet, Mrs Cathy Grimmond, Mr Greg Bridge and Ms Monique New. Tony Payne and Ian Carmichael are executive directors.