In this category, you’ll find resources designed to explain, proclaim and argue for the truths of the Christian gospel, and short courses you can run to help explain the gospel to a group or to an individual.


Introducing God

Introducing God is an evangelistic course in the genre of Christianity Explored and The Alpha Course. Developed by Dominic Steele and his team at Christians in the Media, the course utilizes the well-known Two Ways to Live outline of the gospel to introduce participants to the God of the Bible. This new version of the course has been re-worked from the ground up, including a tightened course structure and new videos.


Investigating Christianity

In four simple, hour-long studies “Investigating Christianity” takes an interested non-Christian through the Bible’s basic teaching about God, man, Jesus Christ and how we can be made right with God.

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So Many Questions

In a series of short sessions, this course will not only help you know what to say in response to many common questions about Christianity, but also the principles behind answering the three basic categories of all apologetic questions. This easy-to-run, DVD-based course is ideal for small groups.

The Bible Overview

The Bible is God’s word. If people are to know God truly, and understand their world and themselves, they must have an understanding of the message of the Bible. ‘The Bible Overview’ was created because of a perception that many people, Christian and non-Christian, find the Bible daunting and hard to understand. The aim of ‘The Bible Overview’ is to equip each other to better read, understand, and apply the Bible.


The Essential Jesus

Two very popular and effective evangelistic tools: (1) Two Ways to Live: The choice we all face (2) the Gospel of Luke. What, we thought, if we combined the two? 

In the Sight of God

Preparing to get married in church In the busy and exciting lead-up to the wedding day, it’s easy to forget about what comes next: the marriage. The four sessions of In the Sight of God will help couples to bring the focus back onto marriage. What is marriage about? What does ‘love’ mean?


Tough Questions

A set of five evangelistic studies, all based in Mark’s Gospel, designed to present the Christian gospel in a one-to-one Bible study setting.


Two Ways to Live Bible Study

A short evangelistic Bible study, based on the famous Two Ways to Live outline, to explain the Christian gospel.


Two Ways to Live: Know and share the gospel

The Two Ways to Live: Know and share the gospel course stems from the conviction that every Christian should know and understand the gospel clearly, and be able to explain their faith effectively when the opportunity arises. However, the beauty of this course is that it does not assume that every Christian will have the same gifts.


You, Me and the Bible

by Tony Payne You, Me and the Bible is a resource to help two or three friends to sit down together and discover the central message of the Bible.