There's so much in a GoThereFor paid membership that it can be hard to know where to start! So we've put together a few summary pages to help you understand what's included. Click through to have a look at one, or just scroll down the page and see the full list of resources!

Full list

Here’s a list of all the resources that are available in a paid membership for

Bible studies

Pathway Bible Guides

Not everyone has a secondary or tertiary education. Not everyone grew up speaking English. Not everyone has been developing their Bible reading skills for years. This is the thinking behind our range of Pathway Bible Guides. 

Studies which are short and straightforward, and which use an uncomplicated vocabulary. Yet at the same time, they are also studies that do justice to the passages being studied and model good Bible-reading principles.

Interactive Bible Studies

We often describe Interactive Bible Studies as like taking a guided tour through an old city. You get to see the highlights, learn some background information and you are given directions on what to explore next in your own time.

They're studies designed to stimulate interaction with the Bible, with each other, and with your current thoughts and attitudes. And also with God as you talk to him about it all. Written by renowned and gifted bible teachers, Interactive Bible Studies are halfway between a sermon and a set of study questions. While they provide excellent biblical input and direction, they also leave you to do much of the exploration.

Topical Bible studies

Small groups

Video-based studies

Basic training

Personal and 1-2-1 Bible reading


Basic training

Advanced training

Read and discuss

Little Black Books


Brief Books

Vine Journal


Newcomers and follow-up

Children and youth


Church leadership and planning