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One of our GoThereFor users—Simon Chaplin—talked to us about how he's using a paid GoThereFor membership at his church.

From our users

  • "I really like the website, and the membership resources are great value for the subscription" - M Lee, Western Australia.

What are the benefits of paid GoThereFor membership?

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✔  Unlimited access to our full library of ministry resources valued at over $1800. This includes Bible studies, video courses, leadership resources and much more.

✔  A licence to download and use any of these resources (printed out or shared digitally) in any group you are personally part of, while your membership is current.

✔  A 15% discount on purchasing physical copies of all Matthias Media resources through the Matthias Media online store.

✔  The joy of helping Christians around the world get much-needed ministry resources at a price they can afford. (Every full-priced membership helps us offer heavily discounted memberships to Christians in the developing world.)

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Note: if you’re doing ministry in a university/college context or in the developing world, you may be eligible for a 50% discount. Please contact us to work out how this discount will work.