Vine Journal

Most of the regular content on can be thought of as ideas: short, thoughtful pieces of under 800 words.

However, it’s also important to take the time to work through some issues at more depth. That’s where Vine Journal comes in.

Vine Journal features longer articles and essays that convey the best of cross-centred theological thinking, applied to real-world evangelical ministry.

Vine Journal 1 was published in August 2015.

Unfortunately, Vine Journal 5, to be published in February 2017, will be the final edition. We are very disappointed not to be able to continue the Vine Journal experiment, but we do not have the resources (human or financial) to keep doing so. (For an explanation of why we have made this difficult decision, please see the editorial from the final issue.)

All four current editions of Vine Journal are available to purchase in their print editions, and to download as free pdfs. (Issue 5 will be available in February 2017).

For details and links to download and purchase, click on the cover of each issue:

Vine Journal 5

Vine Journal 4

Vine Journal 3

Vine Journal 2

Vine Journal 1

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