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How can I know that I am saved?

  • Ryan Anson
  • 25 February 2019

I was sure that people got saved—but I doubted whether I was one of them.

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New partner for the quiet ministry achiever

  • Ian Carmichael
  • 20 February 2019

If you’re one of the many avid users of Just for Starters, pick up a copy of Just Starting Out and make use of it next time you’re meeting up with a new Christian.

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Five steps to gospel generosity

  • James Hoey
  • 18 February 2019

What should I do with my money, and how can I best use it?

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The ultimate experience

  • Mark Gilbert
  • 13 February 2019

How do we experience God as Christians?

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A simple way to fulfil the great commission: One-to-one Bible reading

  • Sean Martin
  • 11 February 2019

Jesus’ command to make disciples doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many seemingly ordinary things Christians can do to make an impact on those around them.

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Sermon application missteps

  • Mikey Lynch
  • 6 February 2019

Clumsy sermon application often is the result of an individualistic grid.

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Reading into discipleship: Boost your Bible reading

  • Laura Denny
  • 4 February 2019

When my daughter was a preschooler, she announced in early January that she had made a New Year’s resolution. She was resolved to no longer “eat butter by itself”.

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A foundation of ministry

  • Ian Carmichael
  • 30 January 2019

One of the regular observations and laments of those doing gospel work in developing countries is the chronic shortage of helpful ministry resources: books.

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The evangelistic conversation

  • Dave Jensen
  • 28 January 2019

Evangelistic conversations can be tough. However, there are things we can do to allow a tough situation to become enjoyable—and more importantly, effective.

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Personal ministry that counts: How to love and serve each other

  • Tony Payne
  • 23 January 2019

What personal ministry is and is not about—and how to keep at it.

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